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John J. and Helena S. 'Skipper' Raskob

Who we are

The Raskob Foundation is an independent, private family foundation. Founded in 1945, the Foundation is proud of its legacy of grant making and philanthropic activity in service to the Catholic Church and institutions and organizations identified with it. Currently, five generations of family members continue the vision established by its founders, John and Helena Raskob. Explore more about the Foundation below.


 Officers                                                        Board of Trustees

Patrick W. McGrory - Chairperson 

Noelle M. Robinson - President  

Theodore H. Bremekamp, III - 1st Vice President                      

Anthony W. Raskob, Jr.- 2nd Vice President 

Gregory B. Brown - Treasurer 

Trista B. Ussery - Corporate Secretary

Stephen T. Bremer - 1st Assistant Treasurer 

 Theresa G. Robinson - Executive Director

Jonathan Goff - 2nd Assistant Treasurer

Patrick W. McGrory
Noelle M. Robinson
Theodore H. Bremekamp, III
Gregory B. Brown
Trista B. Ussery
Kerry A. Robinson
Sarah A. Harmon
Jennifer C. Davis
Kyle R. Raskob
Adam J. Borden
Mark P. Bremer
Molly K. Harmon
Tierra S. Wheatley
Elizabeth M. Woodward





Foundation Staff

Cheryl Bailey
Amanda Gebbie
Member Services & Meeting Management
Jonathan Goff
Lois Greco
Administrative Assistant
Director Program & Grants
Janine Sandbrook
Grant Officer
John Lakatos
Maintenance & Property Management
Daniela Maas
Theresa Robinson
Executive Director
Joanne Stewart
Director Information Technology
Shannon Sweeney
Grant Associate


Financial Information

Our five most recently filed Form 990-PF are provided below for public inspection.  Form 990-PF is an annual information return for private foundations required by the IRS that details a foundation's financial position and charitable activities. 

Our forms can also be viewed at  Registration with GuideStar is required to access this information. 

The above documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.