International Grant Program


If the requesting Organization is located in the US:
  1. Tax- exempt  501© (3) with public charity status.
  2. Catholic - listed in the P.J. Kenedy Official Catholic Directory

If the requesting Organization is located outside the US:
  1. Non-profit, non-governmental status equivalent to a public charity as found in the United States.
  2. Catholic - as verified by Ordinary of the Diocese

Purpose Restrictions (We do NOT accept requests for these purposes)
  1. Requests by or for individuals for any purpose are not accepted (including tuition, scholarships, fellowships or scholarly research)
  2. Endowment Funds
  3. Reduction of Debt
  4. Anything completed, purchased, or accomplished prior to our Board meetings
  5. Attempts to influence legislation or the outcome of any specific election

Construction/Renovation Projects (costing over $200,000 are NOT eligible until these conditions are met )
  1. 50% of the total cost is in hand
  2. Signed construction contract is in existence
  3. Construction is underway


Online submission
  • An online abstract form must be completed.
  • If invited to apply, an online application form must be completed.
  • Abstracts and Applications are only accepted through our online grant site.
    (This will enable you to submit and track the status of each request during all phases of the process.)

Abstract Supporting Documents
Organizations located in the US need only complete the online abstract form

Organizations located outside US
  1. Verification Form (from the Ordinary of the Arch/Diocese)
  2. Fiscal Agent Form
  3. Affidavit Form (from the organization applying, as listed on the online Abstract form; NOT from the fiscal agent)
  4. NGO Status Documentation (from the organization applying, as listed on the online Abstract form; NOT from the fiscal agent.  All documentation should be translated and submitted in English.)

Application Supporting Documents
Organizations located outside US
  1. Detailed Project Budget
  1. Narrative
  2. Photos
  3. Other

Submission Cycles


The International Program is an annual cycle, comprised of two phases - an abstract phase and an application phase. The abstract phase is open to organizations/projects meeting the outlined requirements. Please note: After abstracts are reviewed, the Foundation will notify each organization whether or not they are invited to the application phase.

Abstract Phase
Abstracts may be submitted from May 1 through May 15. Decisions regarding abstracts will be sent in mid-September.

Application Phase
If invited to apply, applications must be submitted by October 31 for decision at the Foundation's May Board Meeting. Please Note: Pay special attention to the timing of your project as the Foundation will not fund cost elements completed, purchased or accomplished prior to the May Board Meeting.

Access Online Grant Site

Access or create an account for online submissions on ourOnline Grant Site.