Other Resources


Catholic Funding Guide
Foundations & Donors Interested in Catholic Activities, Inc.

Provides basic information on private and corporate foundations, church-based funding agencies, fraternal organizations and religious orders. For those attempting to navigate the perplexing world of private philanthropy, the Catholic Funding Guide is designed to simplify the journey. This publication also provides useful guidance in the preparation of grant proposals.


Mission Project Service

Mission Project Service (MPS) is a capacity-building organization that provides developing-world missionaries with the tools to successfully seek and secure funding for their projects.


Candid.Org Find Funding

Candid (Formerly The Foundation Center)

The Foundation Directory Online (FDO) - The most extensive, up-to-date database of philanthropic giving.

National Catholic Community Foundation

The National Catholic Community Foundation

The National Catholic Community Foundation (NCCF) provides individuals, organizations, and communities flexible opportunities to make a lasting impact for generations to come on ministries that are important to them. This is done through a variety of services including donor advised funds, networking information about opportunities to give, and more.